🌄 S̴h̴u̴b̴o̴u̴d̴h̴a̴y̴ : 04 Jul/आषाढ मास(Sunday) ग्रीष्म ऋतू {कृष्ण पक्ष}🙏🏻
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Today’s top News


  1. Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad appreciated platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram following the new IT Rules.
  2. The Union Govt has sanctioned establishment of new Vaccinne Testing Laboratory in Hyderabad, Telangana. This was announced by Union Minister of State for Home G. Kishan Reddy.
  3. Pushkar Singh Dhami to take oath as new CM of Uttarakhand. Born on 16 September 1975 in Pithoragarh District, Mr. Dhami is a two-time BJP MLA who represents the Khatima Constituency in the hill state’s Kumaon region.
  4. Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren announces to give cash reward to medal winners from state in Olympic Games. announced to give cash reward of two crore, one crore and 75 lakh rupees to Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners from the state in the Olympic Games.
  5. Cinema halls, multiplexes, gyms, stadiums to reopen in Uttar Pradesh from July 5, CM Yogi Adityanath said.
  6. PM Modi interacts with Tamil Nadu BJP President L. Murugan & party MLAs from state and expressed his best wishes for their future endeavours.
  7. Delhi Metro services on the Yellow Line from Qutub Minar & Guru Dronacharya will run on a single line from 10.30pm on July 3 till 6.30am on July 4.
  8. Karnataka Lifts Weekend Curfew; Malls, Places of Worship to Reopen. Public transport, including metro, will begin operations with full seating capacity, malls will reopen and offices will be allowed to function at full working strength from Monday (05 Jul).
  9. BJP Clinches Victory in UP Zilla Panchayat Polls, Bags 65 Seats Out of 75. Samajwadi Party (SP) has managed to get six seats.
  10. Delhi Govt May Allow Reopening of Stadiums, Sports Complexes from July 5 (Monday). The relaxations which have been announced so far are set to continue till 5 am on Monday. A fresh order by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on the extension of prohibited and restricted activities is yet to be issued.
  11. Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport has been inducted into the prestigious Airports Council International (ACI) Director General’s Roll of Excellence for the year 2020.
  12. Bollywood actor Aamir Khan and director-producer Kiran Rao have announced their divorce after 15 years of marriage. In a joint statement, the couple said, “We would like to begin a new chapter in our lives-no longer as husband and wife. Reena Dutta is the ex-wife of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan.
  13. Indian Navy to recruit candidates for SSC Officer posts. The last date to apply for the posts is till July 16, 2021 on joinindiannavy.gov.in.
  14. In wake of the recent Jammu Airport drone attack, the Eastern Naval Command (ENC), headquartered in Andhra Pradesh’s port city Visakhapatnam, on Friday designated an area of 3 km from the peimeter of naval installations as a “no fly zone”.


  1. Minister of State for External Affairs V. Muraleedharan will be paying an official visit to Guatemala, Jamaica and The Bahamas from 5th to 10th Jul. The Minister’s visit to The Bahamas on 9th & 10th of July will be the first standalone high-level visit from India to this Caribbean island.
  2. Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu spoke on preservation of languages as it is key to protect one’s cultural traditions. He virtually addressing the first anniversary celebrations of ‘Antharjatiya Samskruthika Sammelanam-2021’, hosted by Sri Samskruthika Kalasaradhi, a cultural organisation in Singapore on 03 Jul.


  1. Russia reported 697 COVID-19 deaths in the previous 24 hours, the fifth straight day the country has set a new record as it battles the surging Delta variant.
  2. Due to heavy rains two people dead, 20 missing after homes swept away in Japan landslide. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said, emergency services and the military had launched rescue and evacuation missions.
  3. Bangladesh received 2.5 million doses of the Moderna COVID 19 vaccine gifted by the US under the COVAX framework of WHO.
  4. United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has urged the Myanmar military to release the ousted State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi & President Win Myint immediately.

🚣🚴🏇🏁🏊 Sports:

  1. Wimbledon: Mixed doubles pair of Rohan Bopanna & Sania Mirza advances to 2nd round after beating compatriots Ramkumar Ramanathan and Ankita Raina in an all-Indian match. It was the first time that two Indian pairs were facing each other at a Grand Slam.
  2. England vs India Women, 3rd ODI: India sealed 2 crucial points in the multi-format series after winning the ODI series finale in Worcester on 03 Jul (Saturday). chase was 220. Mithali Raj’s 3rd successive fifty helped India beat England Women by 4 wickets.
  3. England Women Vs India Women At County Ground, New Road, Worcester,

3rd ODI
England Women
(47.0 ov)

India Women
India Women
(46.3 ov)

Indian Women team beat England Women team by 4 wickets

  1. Mithali Raj, the India Test and ODI captain, surpassed former England captain Charlotte Edwards as the leading run-scorer in women’s international cricket on 03 Jul. Raj, 38, bettered Edwards’ tally of 10,273 in the 24th over of the Indian innings in the third ODI in Worcester. She reached the milestone. Raj, who completed 22 years as an India cricketer last month, is one win away from becoming the most successful captain in women’s ODIs

$ USD 74.52 💷GBP 103.00
In Sri Lanka
Comparing Lankan Rupees with Indian currency. LKR 1 = INR 0.37 INR 1 = LKR 2.68 Amount*
🥇 Gold ₹42,731©10 gm 24 (Krt)
🥈 Silver ₹75,700©Kg
Petrol ₹ 68.64
Diesel ₹ 49.39

LPG : ₹815.30/12.5 Kg in SL

Note Today’s…
Gold, Silver, Petrol, Diesel and LPG rate is from Sri Lanka comparing to Indian Currency…..

This has been mentioned so that it will be use for students in debate competition…From now onwards…On every Sunday…It covers country wise fuel rates..….🙏🏻

BSE Sensex 52,484.67
NIFTY : 15,722.20

Ⓝⓐⓥⓔⓔⓝ Ⓚⓤⓜⓐⓡ
🇮🇳 Facts about India 🇮🇳

Sati or suttee is an obsolete funeral custom where a widow immolates herself on her husband’s pyre or takes her own life in another fashion shortly after her husband’s death. Between 1815 and 1818, the number of sati in Bengal province doubled from 378 to 839. Under sustained campaigning against sati by Christian missionaries such as William Carey and Brahmin Hindu reformers such as Ram Mohan Roy, the provincial government banned sati in 1829. In Nepal, sati was banned in 1920.

😀Thought of the day

All things are difficult before they are easy.

Joke of the day

2 cockroach ICU me
Ek dusre ke bagal me bed par jkhmi halat me admit the

Ek ne dusre se poocha- Hit or chappal

Dusre ne jabab diya nahi yaar
Ye ladkiya bhi dekh kaar etti chillati hai..😬
ki heart attack aa gaya…


Ever Wondered Why Do We Touch The Feet Of Our Elders to take blessings?

When we bend, we lose the ego and convey respect to the age of our elders, to their wisdom, to the achievements they have received and the experiences that they have gained.

When we touch the feet of our elders, a highly positive energy flows from their feet and is transferred to the seeker in the form of goodwill and blessings. Again, when the person stretches his hand to bless the seeker, another circuit of goodwill and blessings is formed

LEARN Sanskrit🙏🏻

अरुणा : reddish glow of the rising Sun

🤔 How it works ⁉

How Sun☀️ gets energy

The sun’s energy comes from within the sun itself. Like most stars, the
sun is made up mostly of hydrogen and helium atoms in a plasma state.
The sun generates energy from a process called nuclear fusion.
The sun generates energy from a process called nuclear fusion. During nuclear fusion, the high pressure and temperature in the sun’s core cause nuclei to separate from their electrons. Hydrogen nuclei fuse to form one helium atom. During the fusion process, radiant energy is released.

The energy emitted from the photosphere then propagates through space and reaches Earth’s atmosphere and the other planets of the solar system. Here on Earth, the upper layer of the atmosphere (the ozone layer) filters much of the sun’s ultra-violet (UV) radiation, but passes some onto the surface. The energy that received is then absorbed by the Earth’s air and crust, heating our planet and providing organisms with a source of energy.

💁🏻‍♂️ GK TODAY

Light travels at a speed of 299,792 kilometers per second; 186,287 miles per second. sunlight takes an average of 8 minutes and 20 seconds to travel from the Sun to the Earth, a distance called 1 Astronomical Unit.

the distance that light travels in one year, about 9.4607×10 power 12 kilometres



The samudra manthana is explained in the Bhagavata Purana, in the Mahabharata and in the Vishnu Purana. The samudra manthana explains the origin of amrita, the nectar of immortality.

During churning of the Ocean of Milk, Mount Mandara was used as the churning rod, and Vasuki, a nāgarāja who abides on Shiva’s neck, became the churning rope. Auras & Devas combindly churned it. Things emerged from Samudramadanam are:-
Halahala : the poison swallowed by Shiva
Shankha : Vishnu’s conch
Lakshmi : the Devi of Fortune and Wealth, who accepted Vishnu as Her eternal consort.
Apsaras : Rambha, Menaka, Punjisthala etc., who chose the Gandharvas as their companions.
Varuni : taken by the Asuras.
Kamadhenu the wish-granting cow, taken by Brahma and given to the sages so that the ghee from her milk could be used for Yajna and similar rituals.
Airavata and several other elephants, taken by Indra.
Uchhaishravas : the divine seven-headed horse, given to Bali.
Kaustubha* : the most valuable ratnam (divine jewel) in the world, worn by Vishnu.
Parijata : the divine flowering tree with blossoms that never fade or wilt, taken to Indraloka by the Devas
Sharanga : a powerful bow, given to Lord Vishnu
Chandra : the moon which adorned Shiva’s head
Kalpavriksha : a divine wish-fulfilling tree
Dhanvantari : the “Vaidya of the Devas” with Amrita, the nectar of immortality


( Note : These home tips followed in villages/ancient traditions, it is up to you to use it or not🙏🏻)

Many cases of TONSILLITIS resolve quickly. Tonsillitis caused by viruses typically resolve within 7 to 10 days after rest and plenty of fluids

There are a number of home remedies that can effectively treat or reduce the symptoms of tonsillitis.

  1. Salt water gargling. Gargling and rinsing with warm salt water can help sooth a sore throat and pain caused by tonsillitis
  2. Warm tea with raw honey.

You should make an appointment to see your doctor if we experience a combination of the following symptoms:

fever persistent sore or scratchy throat that doesn’t go away within 24 to 48 hours
painful swallowing, or difficulty swallowing

CH Nαʋҽҽɳ Kυɱαɾ...