Today’s top news:

  1. PM Modi will visit the states of Assam and West Bengal on 7th February 2021
  2. He will lay the Foundation Stone of two hospitals and launch ‘Asom Mala’, a programme for state highways and major district roads, at Dhekiajuli in Sonitpur District, Assam. Thereafter, at around 4:50 PM, he will dedicate to the Nation and lay the Foundation Stone of key infrastructure projects in Haldia, West Bengal.
  3. The Jammu and Kashmir government has restored 4G mobile Internet service in the entire Union Territory.: Jammu and Kashmir since August 5, 2019 after the central government revoked Article 370 of the Constitution and split the state into Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.
  4. India’s first thunderstorm research testbed will be established in Balasore, Odisha. with the objective to minimalize the human fatalities and loss of property because of the lightning strikes.
  5. The prestigious Akashvani Music Festival, will henceforth be named after Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi was born on 4 February 1922 at Gadag, then part of Dharwad district of Karnataka. Pune was his Karmabhoomi where he attained fame as a pre-eminent exponent of the Khayal form of singing, as well as for his popular renditions of devotional music – bhajans and abhangs.
  6. Farmers Chakka Jam: Highways across north India, including the Eastern Peripheral Expressway around Delhi were blocked by farmers protesting against the centre’s three farm laws passed in September.
  7. As farmers held a 3-hour ‘ Chakka Jam’ across India, a flag bearing a portrait resembling Khalistani terrorist Bhindranwale was spotted on a tractor in Ludhiana on Saturday . The Chakka jam was held peacefully across India in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc. Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale – the brains behind ‘Khalistan’ demand – was killed by the Indian Army as part of Operation Blue Star in 1984 after he and his militants held a siege in the Harmandir Sahib Complex in Amritsar.
  8. The videos in which Punjabi actor-activist Deep Sidhu has been issuing clarifications and talking about the farmers’ protest, especially since the January 26 tractor rally violence, are being uploaded on to Facebook by his friend abroad , police sources have said. The artiste is on the run with a reward of Rs 1 lakh having been announced for information leading to his arrest in the case.
  9. Rajasthan Government Suspends Arrested IPS Officer Manish Agrawal, Over Corruption Charges
  10. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced that it will integrate the consumer grievances redressal under a single ombudsman as opposed to the three grievance redressal schemes working at present.
  11. The National Horticulture Fair will start on February 8, 2021. It is a five-day event that will be organised at the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) campus. The theme of the National Horticulture Fair 2021 will be: ‘Horticulture for Start-Up and Stand-Up India’.
  12. Horticulture : It is a branch of agriculture that involves the intensively cultured plants which are directly used by man for food, medicinal purposes and aesthetic gratification. It involves the cultivation, production and sale of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, ornamental or exotic plants.
  13. The Minister of State for the Electronics and IT, Sanjay Dhotre, highlighted in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha that; more than 2.9 lakh digital banking cybersecurity incidents were reported in the year 2020.
  14. The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar on Saturday (February 6, 2021) targetted cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar and said that he should be careful while speaking on the issues related to other fields. Tendulkar took to his official Twitter account and said that the ‘sovereignty’ of India cannot be compromised and advised foreign citizens not to participate in the internal matters of the country on farmers protest.
  15. Bollywood actor Salman Khan was on Friday allowed by the Rajasthan High Court to appear before a sessions court in Jodhpur, hearing his appeal against conviction in the Black Buck poaching case, through video conferencing.
  16. First women team of CoBRA commando unit : a maiden contingent of 34 CRPF women personnel were inducted into the specialized jungle warfare commando force called CoBRA. The contingent would now be deployed in the anti-naxal operations grid of India. COBRA is a special operation unit of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) of India. The operation unit is skilled in the guerrilla tactics and jungle warfare.
  17. Jammu and Kashmir Police (JKP) has arrested the chief of terror outfit Lashkar-e-Mustafa which is a front organisation of Pakistan based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) in Kashmir valley. Hidayatullah Malik, the terrorist was arrested from Kunjwani area in Jammu as the forces traced the car he was travelling in.
  18. The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has approved the creation of the fifth tiger reserve in Tamil Nadu. The tiger reserve will spread to 1.48 lakh hectares of land comprising of the Srivilliputhur Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary, Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Tirunelveli Wildlife Sanctuary.
  19. India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) handed over the first Cheetal helicopter to the Indian Air Force (IAF) during Aero India 2021 show Bengaluru, Karnataka. Cheetal is the re-engined version of the Cheetah helicopter. The project initiated during 2002 .
  20. Coronavirus Cases: 10,827,170
    Deaths: 155,028
    Recovered: 10,521,409


  1. US-Based defence Lockheed Martin Signs Pact With Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
  2. The American Digital payment solutions provider PayPal announced that it will stop offering the domestic payment services within India beginning from April 1, 2021.
  3. Amid a spike in Pakistani drones dropping arms and digging of trans-border tunnels to push terrorists into Jammu & Kashmir, lieutenant general RP Singh, the general officer commanding-in-chief, Western Command, on Saturday said the army is well prepared to take on the security challenges.
  4. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday said senior military commanders of India and China have held nine rounds of talks on the process of disengagement of troops in eastern Ladakh and the parleys will continue in the future also.


  1. Largest city of Myanmar Yangon reported protests against the military government on Saturday. They also called for the release of the detained leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi and others.
  2. Conditional approval from Chinese authorities for its coronavirus vaccine ‘CoronaVac’ to be used for the general public in the country’s second such vaccine.
  3. Chinese Coast Guard vessels on Saturday entered the waters around the Japanese administered and China claimed Senkaku islands for the first time since China passed a new law earlier this month that allows its coast guard to use military force in waters the country claims.
  4. The Environment Ministry of China recently announced to set up a new Public Information Platform that will allow the public to track emissions from the polluting enterprises
  5. Coronavirus Cases:
    Deaths: 2,318,294
    Recovered: 77,939,426


  1. Uttarakhand’s Ankita Dhyani announced her arrival as a middle- and long-distance runner of immense potential by breaking Sunita Rani’s National U20 Record in the women’s 5000m on the opening day of the 36th National Junior Athletics Championships at the Sarusajai Stadium.

ENG 555/8 (180.0 OV)
IND : Yet to bat

$USD 72.78 💷GBP 99.99
In Kolkata(WB)
🥇Gold ₹48,580@10 gm 24 (Krt)
🥈 Silver ₹68,700@ Kg
⛽ Petrol ₹ 88.30
⛽ Diesel ₹ 89.71

LPG : ₹ 745.50 /14.2 Kg

BSE Sensex
Current 50,731.63
NSE Nifty
Current 14,924.25

Facts about India

Sarojini Naidu was the first female to become the governor of an Indian state. She governed Uttar Pradesh from 15 August 1947 to 2 March 1949. Her daughter, Padmaja Naidu, is the longest-serving female governor with 11-year tenure in West Bengal.

Thought of the day

When you know better, you do better

Joke of the day

Pappu’s girfriend : Meri maa aapko bahut pasand karti hai.
Pappu , after a deep thought: 😳🙄🤔Kuchh bhi ho jaye, shaadi to main tujhse hi karunga!


Why in India, Fuel price is different in various states: Prices is calculated like this:

Crude Oil (Indian Basket) + Refining Cost + Central Excise Duty + Dealer’s Commision + VAT (collected by State Government) = Petrol Price (in your city)

Example if
Petrol Price (Indian Basket) = ₹32.39

Refining Cost = ₹5.93

Central Excise Duty = ₹19.48

Dealer’s Commision = ₹3.62

*till here the price is now fixed before entering into state

i.e. Total = ₹61.42

1 — VAT (eg Delhi is 27%) = ₹61.42 × 0.27 = ₹16.58

Pollution Cess = ₹0.25

Then Petrol Price in Delhi becomes = ₹78.25/L

LEARN Sanskrit🙏🏻

Response : Response

How it works ⁉

How does matchbook work 🔥

When the matchstick is rubbed against the side of the match box, some of the red phosphorus is converted into white phosphorus; this immediately reacts with potassium chlorate in the matchstick head to produce enough heat to ignite antimony trisulphide and starts the combustion of matchstick.

In 1826 John Walker of England invented the first friction matches. Walker’s matches were ignited by drawing the heads through a folded piece of paper coated with ground glass. He began selling them in 1827, but they were difficult to light and were not a success. Again In 1831, Charles Sauria of France developed a match that used white phosphorus.


Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, measuring just 0.2 square miles. With an area of 49 hectares (121 acres) and a population of about 805.

All citizens of Vatican City are Roman Catholic. The only people allowed to live in the Vatican City are clergy (religious people) and the Swiss Guards who are the Police force of the country. Over 2,400 other people work in the country but they travel in each day from Italy.



Maharishi Bhrigu was one of the seven great sages, the Saptarshis, one of the many Prajapatis created by Brahma, he was a great devotee of Shiva, all the rishis paid homage to both Shiva and Parvati, consort of Shiva, but Bhringi would not worship Parvati and dedicated himself solely to Shiva .

The story goes that Bhringi one day, came to Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva, and expressed his desire to go around Shiva . As he was going around, Shiva ‘s consort, Shakti, said, “You cannot just go around him. You have to go around me too. We are two halves of the same truth.”

Bhringi, however, was so focussed on Shiva that he had no desire to go around Shakti. Seeing this, Shakti sat on Shiva’s lap making it difficult for Bhringi to go around Shiva alone. Bhringi, determined to go around Shiva took the form of a Bhring (Black Bee) and tried to slip in between the two. Amused by this, Shiva made Shakti one half of his body – the famous Ardhanarishvara form of Shiva . This was God whose one half is the Goddess. But Bhringi was adamant. He would go around Shiva alone. So he took the form of a rat and tried to gnaw his way between the two. This annoyed the Goddess so much that she said, “May Bhringi lose all parts of the body that come from the mother.” it is believed that the tough and rigid parts of the body such as nerves and bones come from the father while the soft and fluid parts of the body such as flesh and blood come from the mother. Instantly, Bhringi lost all flesh and blood and he became a bag of bones. He collapsed on the floor, unable to get up. Bhringi realized his folly. Shiva and Shakti make up the whole. They are not independent entities. One cannot exist without the other. Without either there is neither. He apologized.

Bhringi was denied flesh and blood forever. To enable him to stand upright he was given a third leg, so that his legs served as a tripod.


( Note : These home tips followed in villages/ancient traditions, it is up to you to use it or not🙏🏻)

Fenugreek seeds / Methi

A. Swallow a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds (without chewing) with water for immediate relief of loose motions

B. Soaked fenugreek seeds help keep acidity away, which in turn also promotes good digestion.

C. The most commonly claimed fenugreek benefits are milk production in new mothers, blood sugar levels, testosterone and male libido, and treating inflammation.

CH. Naveen Kumar