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  1. Delhi to remain under strict lockdown till May 24 to contain spread of COVID-19
  2. All Covid curbs in Punjab extended till May 31. CM Amarinder orders strict enforcement
  3. Haryana government extends Covid-19 lockdown until May 24
  4. Kerala Imposes Triple Lockdown in 4 Districts Reporting Highest Covid-19 Cases. The boundaries of the Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Malappuram districts will be sealed to arrest the massive spread of coronavirus
  5. Cyclone Tauktae: Amit Shah reviews preparedness with CMs of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Daman-Diu administrator
  6. Gale-force winds, heavy rainfall and high tidal waves swept the coastal belt of Kerala, Karnataka and Goa as Cyclone Tauktae hurtled northwards towards Gujarat on Sunday, leaving four people dead in Karnataka and two in Goa, damaging hundreds of houses, uprooting electricity poles and trees and forcing evacuation.
  7. 1.5 lakh people are being shifted from low-lying coastal areas in Gujarat while 54 teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) remained deployed on Sunday in view of the India Meteorological Department’s (IMD) warning that the very severe cyclonic storm Tauktae will reach the state coast on Monday evening and cross it on early Tuesday morning.
  8. The Centre directed Uttar Pradesh and Bihar on Sunday to prevent dumping of dead bodies in the Ganga and its tributaries, and focus on their safe disposal and a dignified cremation after corpses were seen floating in these rivers following a spurt in the number of coronavirus cases..
  9. Petrol and diesel prices were hiked once again, making it the 7th hike in just 11 days . Petrol prices in Delhi on Sunday, May 16 rose by 24 paise and were retailing at Rs 92.58. Diesel prices too moved in tandem with petrol prices, with New Delhi rates seeing an uptick of 27 paise at Rs 83.22. Here quick look at petrol rates in select cities of the country.
  10. A 26-year-old Arshi has earned the sobriquet of “cylinder waali bitiya”—the daughter with the oxygen cylinder . What began as a struggle to procure the life-saving gas for her coronavirus positive father, who managed to beat the viral disease, has now turned into a mission to save as many lives as possible in this district and those around it including the neighbouring state of Uttarakhand. Arshi has so far distributed around 20 oxygen cylinders for free and is helped by her two brothers and some other associates.
  11. Andhra govt to give Rs 15,000 for funeral expenses of COVID-19 victims.

12 Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman will hold the next Goods and Service Tax Council meeting on May 28, via video conferencing ,

  1. Congress MP Rajeev Satav dies after recovering from COVID-19; Satav (46) was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Pune after testing coronavirus positive last month and was on ventilator support. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi condoled his demise and said it is a big loss to him.
  2. Kedarnath Temple is all set to reopen its portals on May 17, Monday, though, devotees will not allowed and arrangements have been made for online ‘darshan’. The famous ‘Char Dham’ yatra has been suspended in view of the pandemic.
  3. Tamil actor and director Pawnraj passed away on Saturday in Chennai after suffering from a massive heart attack. He is best known for his performance in Rajini Murugan.
  4. Veteran actress Sudha Chandran’s father KD Chandran passed away on Sunday morning after suffering a heart attack, at a hospital in Mumbai. He was 86.
  5. Bollywood Salman Khan’s ‘Radhe’ leaks online, actor urges fans to avoid piracy
    Actor Salman Khan’s Eid release ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ has been leaked on piracy websites and the actor has a strong message against people watching his latest film on them.
  6. Chandigarh University has launched Student Satellite Designing and Training program ‘CUSAT’ and it has become North India’s first University to launch the advanced training program for the students in the field of Aerospace Engineering.

19 The Union Ministry of Education has issued a clarification saying no final decision has been taken on cancellation of CBSE Class 12 Board Exams. : It is to be noted that CBSE Class 12 students across the country are demanding the cancellation of CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2021 due to the rise in COVID-19 cases across the country. Several students took Twitter to start an online campaign #SaveBoardStudents asking the Central government and Union Education minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ to either postpone the CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2021 or evaluate their marks on the basis of the assessment plan of class 10.

  1. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to release first batch of DRDO anti-Covid drug on Monday
  2. Indian Army establishes Covid hospital in Kashmir : With the increasing numbers of Covid positive patients across the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, people are finding it difficult to get a hospital bed in state-run hospitals. Now, the Indian Army has come to the rescue of the administration by setting up a 250-bed Covid hospital in Srinagar’s Rangret area.
  3. Overcoming all hurdles and finding new solutions, Indian Railways is continuing its journey of bringing relief by delivering Liquid Medical Oxygen(LMO) to various states across the country. So far, Indian Railways has delivered more than 9440 MT of LMO in nearly 590 tankers to various states across the country.
    ▲ NEW
    TOTAL CASES 24684077
    ▲ 311170
    TOTAL ACTIVE 3618458
    ▲ -55344
    TOTAL RECOVERED 20795335
    ▲ 362437
    TOTAL DEATHS 270284
    ▲ 4077


  1. A senior leader of the hardline Jamaat-e-Islami group has been arrested in Bangladesh for allegedly instigating violence in March during Indian PM Modi’s visit to the country.
  2. The High Commission of India in the United Kingdom said that 260 more oxygen concentrators have been airlifted to New Delhi, as India fights a devastating second COVID-19 wave.
  3. The External Affairs Minister of India, S Jaishankar interacted with a global task force of top American Companies. The task force was set up in April 2021 to support India in tackling the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Union Minister informed about the virtual meeting through series of tweets and mentioned that he talked about India’s priorities such as vaccines, oxygen, and pharmaceuticals as well as the significance of effective supply chains.


  1. UN Security Council hold meeting between Israel and Palestine : International community has called for an end to the escalating conflict. US President Joe Biden made a call to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday.
  2. The death toll in Palestine due to Israeli airstrikes has reached 188 as the conflict entered its seventh day on Sunday .
  3. The history of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict began with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. This conflict came from the intercommunal violence in Mandatory Palestine between Israelis and Arabs from 1920 and erupted into full-scale hostilities in the 1947–48 civil war.
  4. The conflict has been ongoing for more than a 100 years between Jews and Arabs over a piece of land between Jordan river and the Mediterranean sea. It was between 1882 to 1948, when the Jews from around the world gathered in Palestine. This movement came to be known as Aliyahs.
    Then in 1917, Ottoman Empire fell after World War 1 and the UK got control over Palestine.
  5. For more information you can watch a video with below line….🙏🏻
  1. The government of Bangladesh has decided to extend the strict lockdown in the country for one more week till May 23 in order to contain the spread of the Coronavirus in the country.


Rafael Nadal celebrates with the trophy after beating Novak Djokovic in the Italian Open final in Rome. : Rafael Nadal warmed up for the French Open with a battling 7-5, 1-6, 6-3 win over world number one Novak Djokovic as the Spaniard claimed a record-extending 10th Italian Open title in Rome on Sunday.

Note: The trio of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have won an incredible 58 Grand Slam titles between them.

Swiatek demolishes Pliskova to win Rome title : French Open champion Iga Swiatek served a warning to her rivals ahead of the claycourt Grand Slam with a 6-0, 6-0 demolition of former world number one Karolina Pliskova in the Italian Open final on Sunday.

  1. Indian high jumper Tejaswin Shankar has claimed a gold medal at the Big 12 Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Manhattan, United States.Representing Kanasas State University, Tejaswin cleared 2.28 metres on Saturday, making a facility record.

$USD 73.28 💷GBP 103.32
In Chandigarh (UT)
🥇Gold ₹50,210©10 gm 24 (Krt)
🥈 Silver ₹71,100©Kg
⛽ Petrol ₹ 89.05
⛽ Diesel ₹ 82.89

LPG : ₹ 818.50/14.2 Kg

BSE Sensex 48,732.55
NIFTY : 14,677.80

Facts about India

On May 16, 2021, the Sikkim Government celebrates its 46th Statehood Day. Every year Sikkim celebrates its State Day in May 16 as the state came into existence on this day in 1975.

After India became independent in 1947, Sikkim continued to enjoy the protectorate status with the republic of India. However, in 1973, anti-royalist riots occurred in the state. The monarch was eventually deposed in 1975. A referendum led to the state joining India. Sikkim was the 22nd state to join Union of India. Sikkim borders three countries namely China, Bhutan and Nepal.

Thought of the day

Dream big and dare to fail. –Norman Vaughan

Joke of the day

Admi mirch🌶️ ki tarah tikha🥵 aur tej hota hai
Magar mirch kitne bhi tej kyo na ho-aurat uska
achar 🥫dal deti hai🤪


Why can’t we breathe under water.?

When you breathe in air, the air travels from your nose, down your trachea (windpipe), and into your lungs.

As the lungs branch into smaller and smaller airways, the end in specialized sacs called alveolae. Here, oxygen passes through the lung membranes into the bloodstream, and waste products like carbon dioxide flow out of the blood and into the air, and are subsequently expelled when you breathe out.

Fish also need oxygen to live, but their lungs are not designed to extract oxygen from the air. Instead, by passing the water through their specialized organs (called gills), they can remove the oxygen and eliminate waste gases.

Since humans do not have gills, we cannot extract oxygen from water. Some marine mammals, like whales and dolphins, do live in water, but they don’t breathe it. They have developed a mechanism to hold their breath for long periods of time underwater. Eventually, however, they have to come to the surface to exhale and then take a new breath.

🙏🏻 LEARN Sanskrit🙏🏻

मृगः – हिरन
रजकः – धोबी

💁🏻‍♂️ GK TODAY

Mawsynram is the wettest place on the planet and known for its stalagmites Shivalinga. The village in the East Khasi Hills is reportedly the wettest place on Earth and as per the Guinness Book of World Records Mawsynram received an annual rainfall of 11,872 millimetres.

HOW…… ⁉️


A parachute works by forcing air into the front of it and creating a structured ‘wing’ under which the canopy pilot can fly. Parachutes are controlled by pulling down on steering lines which change the shape of the wing, cause it to turn, or to increase or decrease its rate of descent.

Parachutes are packed into their containers so the cells are pointing forward. As the parachute deploys, air is allowed to rush in immediately. Slight variances in the way the parachute is packed can result in off-heading openings, but the design of the parachute means it will always fly front-first.

When the skydiver comes into the landing, they use the steering toggles to slow the parachute’s descent to a minimum, facilitating a soft touch down.

All skydivers jump with two parachutes – a main and a reserve. The reason is obviously safety-driven – the main parachute may work 999 times out of 1,000, but there is still a chance of things not going to plan. A user error during the packing process might be the cause or a problem with the parachute itself.


Manthara : Maid servant of Keikeyi who convinced her for Bharat’s thorn and exile of Shri Rama.

In her past life she was a beautiful Gandharvi – celestial beings who entertained the Devas through music and songs. She was told by Brahma to take birth as Manthara and was the given the mission to exile Sri Ram to forest so that he can bring end to the rule of the demons and convert them to the path of Dharma.

Bhagvan Sri Ram also told her that in her next life she will be known as Trivakra and this will happen when Krishna Avatar will take place on earth. Sri Krishna will then embrace her and this will straighten her back and she will become beautiful again.


(Note : These home tips followed in villages/ancient traditions, it is up to you to use it or not🙏🏻)

Makki roti is a good source of Vitamin A, C, K, beta-carotene and selenium. All these nutrients can improve functioning of the thyroid gland and helps in maintaining immunity

CH. Naveen Kumar