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  1. The swearing-in of Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee as chief minister at Raj Bhavan on Wednesday morning will be a low-key programme given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Chief ministers of other states and leaders of other political parties have not been invited for the programme keeping in mind the current COVID-19 situation in the country.
  3. In the Union Territory of Puducherry, the BJP will be a part of the coalition government,
  4. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam president M K Stalin was on Tuesday unanimously elected as legislature party leader and he is to be sworn-in as chief minister of Tamil Nadu on May 7.
  5. Sporadic post-poll violence continued on Tuesday in West Bengal claiming several lives as chief minister Mamata Banerjee asked officials to act decisively and Prime Minister Narendra Modi rang up Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar to express anguish over the law-and-order situation.
  6. A decision on the next chief minister in Assam is yet to be taken though two days have passed since the Bharatiya Janata Party-led alliance won the assembly election and the state chief of the saffron party said on Tuesday that either incumbent Sarbananda Sonowal or senior minister Himanta Biswa Sarma will head the next government.
  7. Bihar imposes lockdown till May 15 : The decision was made at the meeting of the Crisis Management Group presided over by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.
  8. Uttar Pradesh announced that it would extended the COVID-19 induced curfew in the state by another 48 hours. it was decided that the curfew that was to end on May 4 would now be extended until May 6 7 am.
  9. Former Jammu and Kashmir governor Jagmohan passed away after a brief spell of illness.He was 93. Jagmohan was appointed Jammu and Kashmir governor in 1984 and completed his five-year tenure.
  10. DrJitendraSingh Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh appealed to all eligible employees of 18 years and above to get themselves vaccinated at the earliest.
  11. The Union Minister of Petroleum Shri Dharmendra Pradhan flagged off the first supply of used cooking oil-based biodiesel. It was launched under the Expression of Interests Scheme. It mainly aims to create a system for collection and conversion of Used Cooking Oil into biodiesel.
  12. Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone has tested positive for the novel coronavirus and is currently in Bangalore with her family. Earlier, it was reported that Deepika’s father, Prakash Padukone, mother Ujjala, and sister Anisha, had tested positive for the deadly virus. More details about Deepika’s health are awaited
  13. The Indian Army launched the first Green Solar Energy harnessing plant in Sikkim. It was launched to benefit the troops of the Indian army.
  14. Fight against COVID-19: IAF, Navy deploy assets to carry critical equipment; US promises more aid
    Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy continue criss- crossing across the globe and the country in an effort to bring in Oxygen tankers as well as critical life support equipment. Sharing updates on the sorties undertaken by the transport aircraft
  15. Indian Air Force to set up 100-bed COVID-19 care facility in Bengaluru
    With the alarming rise in COVID-19
  16. Encounter breaks out between security forces and militants in Jammu and Kashmir’s Baramulla
    on Tuesday, Security forces launched a cordon and search operation at Nathipora in Bomai area following information about the presence of some militants in the area, a police official said.


  1. PM Modi and Rt Hon’ble Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom held a Virtual Summit. India and the UK enjoy long standing friendly ties and share a Strategic Partnership underpinned by mutual commitment to democracy, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, strong complementarities and growing convergences.
  2. Indian envoy at UN condemns terrorist attack in Afghanistan’s Logar province
    TS Tirumurti, Ambassador of India to UN on Monday condemned the terrorist attack in Logar province of Afghanistan in which at least 21 people were killed, including high school students, and more than 100 civilians suffered injuries.
  3. China Undertaking Special Recruitment Drive For Ethnic Tibetans mid Border Standoff With India
  4. Indo-Pacific
    External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in their first in-person meeting, discussed ways to deal with the rampaging COVID-19 pandemic, situation in the strategic Indo-Pacific region and cooperation in multilateral forums.
  5. SpiceJet airlifts 2,450 oxygen concentrators from Nanjing, Hong Kong: SpiceJet has airlifted 2,450 oxygen concentrators from Nanjing and Hong Kong, A B737 aircraft of the airline lifted oxygen concentrators from Hong Kong and landed at the Delhi airport
  6. US Air Force flights that were scheduled to leave for India with essential life-saving supplies have been delayed till Wednesday due to maintenance issues.
  7. The Ministry of Finance recently cut the IGST on import of oxygen concentrators for personal use to 12%. Earlier it was 28%. IGST is Integrated Goods and Services Tax. The decision was announced by the Central Board of Indirect taxes and Customs.
  8. India has been pressing the United Kingdom to extradite Mallya and Nirvan Modi to face trial in India for their alleged involvement in cases relating to financial fraud. Mallya has been based in the UK since March 2016 and remains on bail on an extradition warrant executed three years ago by Scotland Yard.


  1. Egypt’s military has confirmed it ordered 30 Rafale jets from French defence firm Dassault Aviation to shore up “national security”. The order, which follows the 2015 purchase of 24 Rafale jets, will be financed through a 10-year loan.
  2. The Philippine foreign minister on Monday demanded in an expletive-laced Twitter message that China’s vessels get out of disputed waters, the latest exchange in a war of words with Beijing over the South China.
  3. Myanmar Coup And US Withdrawal From Afghanistan To Dominate G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meet
    Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven wealthy industrialised nations are gathering Tuesday in London – their first face-to-face meeting in more than two years – to grapple with threats to health, prosperity and democracy.
  4. AIRTwenty people were killed, including children, and 49 were hospitalised when a railway overpass collapsed onto a busy road in Mexico City last night.


  1. The Indian Premier League Governing Council (IPL GC) and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in an emergency meeting has unanimously decided to postpone IPL 2021 season, with immediate effect.
  2. The BCCI does not want to compromise on the safety of the players, support staff and the other participants involved in organising the IPL. This decision was taken keeping the safety, health and wellbeing of all the stakeholders in mind.
  3. The English professional snooker player Mark Selby has won the World Championship for the fourth time. This time he won the title defeating Shaun Murphy.

$USD 73.67 💷GBP 102.49
In Bhubaneswar (Oddisha)
🥇Gold ₹44,400@10 gm 24 (Krt)
🥈 Silver ₹75,300@ Kg
⛽ Petrol ₹ 91.27
⛽ Diesel ₹ 88.17

LPG : ₹ 835.50 /14.2 Kg

BSE Sensex 48,253.51
NIFTY : 14,496.50

Facts about India

The name ‘India’ is derived from the River Indus, the valleys around which were the home of the early settlers. The Aryan worshippers referred to the river Indus as the Sindhu.
The Persian invaders converted it into Hindu. The name ‘Hindustan’ combines Sindhu and Hindu and thus refers to the land of the Hindus.

Thought of the day

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.

Joke of the day

While people abroad are worried about whether they will survive next year, we in India are planting two vases of mango chili for next year.
This is positive thinking.
It should be.
Be brave, be happy. Then Covid also did nothing to us. Because we have to taste the mango chutney with ghee till 2022 …😅
Be Brave, Be Positive, use mask, follow social distance, save your family

GK Today💤

Island of Pearls : Bahrain

LEARN Sanskrit🙏🏻

  1. Six षट् (shat)
  2. Seven सप्त (sapta)
  3. Eight अष्ट (ashta)
  4. Nine नव (nava)
  5. Ten दश (dasha)


⁉ What is the scientific reason for taking a head bath after a solar or lunar eclipse ⁉

The science is clearly explained our Earth is largely effected by sun and moon. The moon cycle is 28 days and an average woman cycle also comes every 28 days. On the full moon day the whole ocean rise up around 15 meters. Do you think our body don’t get effected having around 70% water content.

However, the sun’s rays during a solar eclipse are indeed stronger than usual and can harm your eyesight if you look directly at the sun. To protect your eyes, you should never look at the eclipse without special eclipse glasses. Eclipses light radiation might effects.

In ancient days, it is advised to discard any cooked food and only freshly cooked food to be consumed after Eclipse. The food items like wheat, rice, other cereals and pickles which cannot be discarded should be protected by adding Kusha grass or Tulasi leaves (which minimises radiation effect).

How it works ⁉

✨ Jugnu or Fireflies or light flies produce green light.

Fireflies produce light in special organs in their abdomens by combining a chemical called luciferin, a chemical reaction inside their bodies that allows them to light up. … When oxygen combines with calcium, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and the chemical luciferin in the presence of luciferase, a bioluminescent enzyme, light is produced


Bhishma (भीष्म) also known as Pitamaha, Gangaputra and Devavrata, was a statesman of Kuru Kingdom and one of the most powerful warriors in the epic Mahabharata.
the word Bhishma (भीष्म) means ‘terrible’, ‘horrible’, ‘fearful’ or ‘fierce’. The word is also used to describe Rudra, the fierce Vedic god, as well as the Rakshasa. In the epic, Devavrata received this as he undertook a fierce or terrible vow (Bhishma pratigya) and fulfilled it.

For the happiness of his father Shantanu and also for the future of Hastinapur. Devrat (Bishma) take huge oath that he will never marry and also he will be bearer of Hastinapur life time.

It is unlikely that Bhishma would be defeated by any warrior and no one can kill him unless he himself wants(boon of Ichchamrityu). Even Parashurama who was considered to be top among all time warriors could not defeat Bhishma. Arjuna can fight with Bheeshma for only 3 hours. As Bheeshmas astras are much more than Arjunas. After that Arjuna will be defeated.


(Note : These home tips followed in villages/ancient traditions, it is up to you to use it or not🙏🏻)

Dates are high in fiber, which may be beneficial for preventing constipation and controlling blood sugar control.

CH. Naveen Kumar