International News

  1. Russia withdraws itself from the open skies treaty after the departure of US
  2. Earthquake in Indonesia takes away 42 lives at it topped homes and buildings.
  3. Germany surpasses a 2 million mark of the total Covid-19 cases recorded.
  4. Whatsapp has delayed its new privacy policy after receiving several backlash.
  5. China has put 20,000 villagers on quarantine over the risk of spreading virus.

National News

  1. The Air Quality Category in Delhi falls into the severe category.
  2. President Ram Nath Govind donates ₹5,00,100 towards the construction of the Ram Mandhir in Ayodhya.
  3. The International Monetary Fund says that the farm law protests in India are significant and that those affected should be protected.
  4. India develops its first Indigenous Machine Pistol
  5. Haryana has launched Air Taxi services from Chandigarh to Hisar.

Legal News

  1. The Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) released their annual report on human rights in China declaring that China has possibly committed genocide against Uighur Muslims.
  2. UK to undertake landmark reform of mental health laws.
  3. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to hear a case by Ukraine alleging human rights violations by Russia in the Crimean Peninsula.
  4. Over 500 Indian lawyers have written a letter to Chief Justice of India citing their grievances regarding the current system of virtual hearings and seeking his order to resume regular physical hearings in the Supreme Court.

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