International News

  1. As Covid-19 cases increase in Hebei province Beijing raises guard.
  2. China threatens US says it will have to pay a heavy price if US envoy travels to Taiwan.
  3. A study on the Pfizer vaccine suggests that it is effective on the new Coronavirus variant.
  4. Iraq has issued an arrest warrant in Donald Trump over Sulemani killing.
  5. It is in Sri Lanka’s ‘own interest’ to meet expectations of  Tamilians in the Country says Jayashankar.

National News

  1. Bharat Biotech to start Phase 1 trials of intranasal vaccines for Coronavirus.
  2. India has reported over 20,000 new Covid-19 cases with over 200 fatalities.
  3. Bird flu causes Madhya Pradesh government to ban chicken trade.
  4. The Union Heath Ministry says it will be able to give vaccines to all very soon.
  5. 8th round of talks go on between the central government and the farmers today.

Legal News

  1. The Alibaug Court has not exempted Arnab Goswami for physical appearance before the Court.
  2. The Allahabad High Court observed that nobody is entitled to interfere with the peaceful lives of two adults( in reference to inter faith couples).
  3. The Madras High Court has refused to permit theatre occupancies over 50% capacity citing concerns over Covid-19 spread.
  4. A petition was filed in the Supreme Court seeking appointments to be made to the National SC and ST Board.

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