International News

  1. Brazil’s President Bolsonaro says country is “broke”.
  2. Over 50,000 Hong Kong protestors are held for breaching the Security Law.
  3. Germany to extend its lockdown period till the end of this month.
  4. Alex Ellis is the new British High Commissioner to India.
  5. France has promised a faster rollout of Covid-19 vaccines to its people.

National News

  1. The Ministry of health informs that Pfizer has skipped Covid-19 regulator thrice.
  2. Bharat Biotech is setting up 4 COVID-19 vaccine facilities to increase the manufacture of its vaccines.
  3. The Central Government launches a hackathon for toys.
  4. The total tally of patients with the UK Variation reaches 71.
  5. The Mutation of Coronavirus favors the vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech.

Legal News

  1. The Bombay High Court has allowed a trans women to contest elections as a women candidate and held that, “she chose the female gender as her self perceived gender.”
  2. A criminal defamation suit has been filed against Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut over her tweet saying that a lady farmer joined farmers protests after taking money.
  3. A new admission test to be introduced in India for LLM and the previous 1 year LLM course to be abolished.
  4. The conception that house makers do not “work” or that they do not add economic value to the household is a problematic idea that has persisted for many years and must be overcome.

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