International News

  1. US President elect Joe Biden proposes $1.9 Trillion plan to stem the Virus and boost the US economy.
  2. The Titanic comic book sold in an auction at $3.1 million.
  3. 13 WHO scientists arrive in Wuhan to investigate virus but two of them were barred after testing Covid positive.
  4. The Nepal Foreign Minister has arrived in India for a 3 day to tour.
  5. Kuwait’s government quits after it reaches a political deadlock.

National News

  1. An illegal market for fake number plates for vehicles in Delhi was exposed.
  2. BJP leader Kailash Vijaywargia says 30 MLAs ready to join BJP in West Bengal.
  3. PM Modi in his speech says that the National Educational Policy has been inspired from Swami Vivekananda.
  4. Mayawati to contest for polls in UP and Uttarakhand without any involvement with another party.
  5. BMC aims to vaccinate 4,000 Heath care workers on its first day of vaccination drive.

Legal News

  1. The Uttarakhand High Court raises concern over the State’s unpreparedness to handle the demographic explosion during the Kumbh Mela.
  2. The Allahabad High Court tells the State Government to come up with a definitive plan for its vaccination programme this January 22.
  3. A Petition filed before Delhi High Court against new WhatsApp privacy policy.
  4. 11 benches of the Delhi High Court to hold physical hearing soon.

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