International News

  1. An Indonesian airline carrying 62 people crashes into sea.
  2. A road side bomb in Kabul, Afghanistan kills three people.
  3. Amidst the third coronavirus lockdown Israelis protest against Nethanyahu.
  4. Joe Biden says he will introduce the immigration bill as soon as the time permits.
  5. 11 dead in a landslide in Indonesia.

National News

  1. India generated 30000 tones of waste related to Covid-19.
  2. After the ban of Donald Trumps social media accounts, Modi becomes the most followed active politician.
  3. 10 infants killed in Pune hospital due to fire.
  4. Around 1,200 birds die due to bird flu across India.
  5. Congress to observe January 15th as Farmers Rights Day.

Legal News

  1. Aadhar review petition to be heard by the Apex Court tomorrow.
  2. Kerala High Court – Trials delayed endlessly due to deliberate absence of Investigating Officers, such officers ridicule justice delivery system.
  3. The Allahabad High Court observed that arrest should be the last option to resort to by the police in exceptional cases.
  4. The victims of the 1975 Emergency approach the Supreme Court seeking the status of “freedom fighters.”
  5. Centre informs the Delhi High Court that it has passed no such notification asking individuals to wear a mask when alone in car.

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