Moral Vibes with Legal Prudent

Moral Vibes #6 : 27th April 2022

A Story that shows how self doubt and Confidence determine our Success. Failure is just another side of the same coin as Success.

Two sides to every story

A teacher teaching maths in a class of 6-year-olds
asked a boy named Ram.

” Ram, if I give you two mangoes and another two mangoes. how many mangoes will you have?
He answered “5 mangoes”.

She was surprised by his reply but she tried again. Now this time she uses her fingers to make him count with her.

“Ok Ram, look if I give you One, Two. Two mangoes and another one-two. Two mangoes. How many mangoes will you have?”

He again answered ” five mangoes”

This time she gets really annoyed by his answer, but she controlled her anger and remembered that his mother once told her that he likes the strawberries.

So, she tried this.
“Ok Ram, If I give you two strawberries and another Two strawberries. Now, how many strawberries do you have?”

“Teacher, 4 strawberries”

She felt relieved that he is back on track. So, again she asked him.

“Now tell me, Ram, If I give you two mangoes and another two mangoes. how many mangoes do you have?”

He answered “Teacher, Five mangoes”

The teacher outburst in anger ” how can you have five mangoes if I give you four mangoes?”

“Teacher, because One mango I have in my bag”.

Complete silence. The teacher calms down and regrets at her anger.

Two sides to every story. Never judge others. We should not make a decision for others without knowing their point of view. We make the decision on the basis of what is logic rightness i.e. what is the obvious answer and didn’t try to know the practical rightness i.e. what is the actual truth.