Moral Vibes with Legal Prudent

Moral Vibes #1 : 25th January 2022

A Story of Honesty and Self Respect, an important lesson to learn and implement for everyone !

Honesty and Self Respect

A merchant wanted to purchase a gorgeous 🐪 camel in the market and after spotting one began to setlle for it with the seller!

There was a long bargain between the merchant and the camel seller, and finally the merchant bought 🤝🏻 the camel and took it home!

On reaching home, the merchant called his servant to take out the camel’s kajava (saddle).

Under the Kajave, the servant found a small velvet 👝 bag which upon opening revealed him to be full of precious 💎 diamond gems ..!

The servant shouted, “Boss, you bought a camel, but look what came with it for 🆓 free!”.

The Merchant was also surprised, he saw diamonds in his servant’s hands which were shining 💎 and twinkling even more in the sunlight!.

The Merchant said: “I have bought a camel and not the diamonds, I should return it immediately!”.

The servant was thinking in his mind “how 🤔 stupid my boss is …!”.

He Said: “Nobody will know who the owner is!” However, the merchant did not 👂🏼 listen to him and immediately reached the market and returned the velvet bag to the shopkeeper.

The camel seller was very happy, said, “I had forgotten 🙏 that I had hidden my precious stones under the Kajave!.

Now you choose any one diamond as a 🎖️ reward!

The Merchant said, “I have paid the right price for the 🐪 camel so I do not need any gift and prizes!”

The more the merchant was refusing, the more the camel seller was insisting!

Finally, the merchant 😊 smiled and said: In fact, when I decided to bring back the 👝 bag, I had already kept two of the most precious diamonds with me!

After this confession, the camel seller was 👴🏾 infuriated and he quickly emptied the bag and began to count his diamond gems!

But after his counted with a heavy 😕 sigh of relief, he said “These are all my diamonds, so what were the two most precious 💎 ones that you kept?”.

The Merchant said: My honesty and my self-respect.

The seller was dumb-struck!

We have to 🔭 look within ourselves to find out if we possess any of these two diamonds in us; for anyone who has these two diamonds, HONESTY and SELF-RESPECT, is the richest person in the world!