Today’s Legal Updates:

  1. The Supreme Court will examine whether the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is exercising its powers at railway stations without the consent of the concerned State government.
  2. The Delhi High Court today sought a response from the Aam Aadmi Party government on a request for the administration of COVID-19 vaccine to all prisoners and prison staff.
  3. A rickshaw driver arrested since April 2020 on charges of violence in Delhi has been granted bail by the Delhi High Court on Today.
  4. Delhi High Court today sought answers from Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi over Subram Swamy’s request to bring more evidence in the National Herald case before the first court.
  5. The lack of reasons for the arbitration award and the order passed by the arbitration court to confirm such an award recently drew the attention of the Madras High Court.
  6. The State government has put in place various companies to get by-elections, Chief Advocate Ravivarma Kumar appeared before the Karnataka High Court today.
  7. The Bombay High Court today granted 82-year-old temporary bail and Bhima Koregaon accused Dr Varavara Rao of six months’ bail on Rs bail. 50,000.
  8. The Supreme Court of Delhi today urged the Bar Council of Delhi (BCD) to take a decision by allowing the online registration process to be complete as soon as possible.
  9. Four Karnataka High Court judges have been permanently detained, as indicated by the Supreme Government in a notice issued today.
  10. The federal government has revoked the appointment of four judges to the Kerala High Court.
  11. The Central Government has announced the appointment of lawyers Jasmeet Singh and Amit Bansal as judges in the Delhi High Court.
  12. Fifty-eight Habeas Corpus appeals are pending before the Supreme Court of India, a high court response to an application under the Right to Information Act (RTI Act) has revealed.
  13. The Patiala House Court in Delhi today sent activist Disha Ravi for a one-day police detention case against a farmers’ protest tool.
  14. Too often, the courts have been plagued by unscrupulous cases trying to evade debt by using false power, courtesy of written court, the Madras Supreme Court said recently after filing a cost of Rs 1 lakh on a similar application.
  15. On Monday, the Supreme Court reversed its decision in the case of former Andhra Pradesh High Court Chief Justice V Eswaraiah, challenging an order issued by the Andhra Pradesh High Court calling for an investigation into his telephone conversations with a suspended regional magistrate in Munsif.
  16. The Madras Supreme Court recently ruled that the issue of maintenance in a marital dispute must be from the date of application by the woman applicant and not from the date of the maintenance order.
  17. While granting custody of the child to its mother, the Allahabad Supreme Court recently noted that mothers are best prepared to care for very young children.
  18. The Jammu and Kashmir High Court (J&K) recently intervened to direct J&K Police to register the First Information Report (FIR) in connection with an online loan scam, after the Magistrate refrained from issuing the guidelines despite the findings, notable cases were committed.
  19. The Bombay High Court on Monday granted 82-year-old Bima Koregaon bail to Dr Varavara Rao for medical reasons. The court granted the octogenarian bail for six months after being granted Rs bail. 50,000 / -.
  20. On Monday the Supreme Court sought a response from Future Retail Limited in which Amazon Investment Holdings challenged a Delhi High Court decision that barred the implementation of a case filed by a single High Court judge in relation to the Risual-Reliance agreement.
  21. The Consumer Court in Hyderabad has ordered the ‘Extraordinary Megastore’ to abandon its unscrupulous trading practice of costly incurring additional costs of carry-on bags (bearing their brand) to the consumer at the time of payment.
  22. The Supreme Court of Allahabad on Monday ordered Amazon Prime Video’s Head of Commerce, Aparna Purohit, to co-operate with the ongoing investigation into the ‘Tandav’ web series.
  23. A letter has been sent to the Supreme Court of Allahabad asking him to deal with the murder of two Dalit girls and a third tragic case under mysterious circumstances in Babuhara village under the Asoha Police station in the Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh.
  24. The Kerala High Court on Wednesday (February 17) closed a letter written by NRIs who were unable to deposit demonic money when they saw that the matter fell under the Apex court’s decision on Larger Bench’s decision (and the matter is still pending before the Supreme Court).
  25. Madras High Court declines the ACPs order not permitting an awareness campaign on the construction of the Ayodhya temple.
  26. Bombay High Court : Making unfounded allegations against spouse amounts to mental cruelty.
  27. The Bombay High Court has granted a bail to Dr. Varavara Rao for six months.
  28. Madras High Court : ”Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature, unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshipping.”

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