Today’s Legal Updates:

  1. The All India Bar Exam XVI (AIBE XVI) has been postponed for a month and will now be held on April 25, 2021 instead of March 21.
  2. Banks cannot impose unfair and unfair policies on consumers while working with bank locks, the Supreme Court has issued a ruling warning banks to break open keys without following proper rules and regulations.
  3. Emphasizing the need to protect elephants and forests, the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court recently ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to investigate cases of elephant poaching and poaching.
  4. In view of the significant contributions made by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose to the liberation struggle, the Madras Supreme Court recently ordered the Supreme Government to consider submissions made by the applicant to print a photograph of a freedom fighter for Indian currency.
  5. As long as reports of a death sentence could convict Shabnam, he has filed his second application for Mercy to Uttar Pradesh Anandiben Patel and Indian President Ramnath Kovind.
  6. The Bombay High Court will deliver its verdict on Monday at 11am in a case against Telugu poetry poet Dr Varavara Rao seeking bail on medical grounds.
  7. The issuance of a copy of Habeas’ copy by order of the husband to return it to his wife may not be available as a matter and the power in this case can only be exercised if a clear case is issued, the Supreme Court of Allahabad holds.
  8. The Orissa Supreme Court recently fined a lawyer who appeared before the Court without wearing a belt.
  9. The Madras High Court (Madurai Bench) on Friday (February 19) granted an application for permission to conduct an awareness campaign in Madurai and its environs on the construction of the Sri Rama temple in Ayodhya ‘.
  10. The Delhi Court has strongly criticized the negligence of the Investigating Officers (IOs) for not submitting the case file in a timely manner even if it had been properly submitted by the ACPs after completing the investigation. The Court also sought the status of the completion of the payment papers transferred over the past three years i.e. 2018 to 2020 to the respective IOs.
  11. If Children Are Familiar With Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw’s Life, It May Encourage Them To Join The Army And Serve The Nation: Madras Supreme Court
  12. The Delhi Magistrate’s Court on Saturday ordered the release of passports, cellphones and other items belonging to 31 tablighi jamaat foreigners found guilty on 15 December 2020.
  13. Suspicion, no matter how powerful it is to take the place of evidence, the High Court reiterated while supporting the conviction in the murder case. to him. The Criminal Court acquitted the defendant and later the High Court upheld the conviction.
  14. The appointment of low-skilled people who ignore those who have received the highest marks will be in violation of Articles 14 and 16 of the Indian Constitution, a bench headed by Judge L.J.
  15. Knowing that it stems from the husband’s behavior that he somehow intended to discriminate against the wife’s service¸ The Bombay High Court (Nanpur Bench) recently upheld a ruling and order of appeal by the Family Court, Nagpur issuing a divorce decree in favor of the Wife.
  16. All Delhi courts will begin a physical hearing, on a daily basis, within the normal time frame of the court from 15 March 2021.
  17. Reasons for anger, frustration and social work during the epidemic cannot be used to allow a Councilor to withdraw his resignation under the Maharashtra Municipal Companies Act, 1959, which the Bombay High Court held while dismissing the former councilor’s application.
  18. The Karnataka High Court recently quashed a notice issued by the Directorate of Municipal Administration terminating the employment of a contracted woman, after rejecting her application for maternity leave.
  19. Justice Deepak Gupta : “In a democracy, people should have faith in the government and not fear of the government. Where there is fear of the government, it is not a democracy.”
  20. Delhi Court to pass orders in Disha Ravi’s bail plea on February 23rd.

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