Deepavali is all about lights – the diya, oil lamp. The word ‘diya’ in Hindi means ‘to give’. Lighting a diya teaches us to ignite our innate power to give. Let us explore what are the diyas we can light up this Deepavali.

If we reflect on ourselves, our intentions, thoughts, words, and actions are often inclined towards wanting. We believe: ‘I need love, I should be respected, I want people to meet my expectations, I want situations to be my way…,’ there is so much that we want. At times, we get what we want and at other times we don’t. If everyone is standing on the side of wants, who will give? Happiness is never guaranteed on the side of ‘wants’. So, every home needs one ‘diya’ who believes I am a giver.’

We believe that while a diya is glowing, life is auspicious. But when a diya extinguishes, life becomes inauspicious.

We really need to think: It is only a lamp. How can it make our life auspicious or inauspicious?

When we give always and give to everyone, the mind is happy and peaceful, which means life is auspicious. But when we keep wanting, asking and seeking, we experience anger, hurt, uncertainty, disappointment, or sadness. This means life becomes inauspicious.

So, Deepavali teaches us to shift from wanting to giving.

Let us light these diyas and keep them ignited not just for Deepavali, but always.

When we create anger, we want everything to be our way. Let’s light the diya of compassion.

When we complain, we want situations and people to change. Let’s light the diya of gratitude. 

When we criticise, we want people to be the way we believe is right. Let’s light the diya of acceptance.

 When we compare with others, we want to be like them. Let’s light the diya of self-respect.

When we create jealousy, we want what someone else has. Let’s light the diya of contentment.

When we create competition, we want to get ahead of others. Let’s light the diya of cooperation.

Even the rituals leading up to Deepavali teach us how to ignite the power to give:

Cleaning the house: Besides cleaning and decorating the house, let us clean our mind to remove stains of bitterness, resentment, unpleasant past experiences, expectations, and dependencies.
New clothes: As we wear new clothes, let us welcome newness in our thoughts, habits, and lifestyle. Let us wear new vibrations.
Gifts: The best gift to give everyone – ‘I accept you as you are.’
New account books: Apart from settling business accounts, let us settle our karmic accounts of unpleasantness in relationships. Let us forgive, release the past, and begin a new account of empathy and understanding.
Sweets: Along with distributing sweets, let our thoughts and words be sweet and respectful.

If one diya lights up another, and the second diya lights up the third, and so on soon the world will be glowing with a deepmala, a chain of diyas.

Deepavali teaches us the ‘Power of One’. Let’s be that one diya.

Giving love, trust, acceptance, blessings, gratitude, and kindness usher newness – shifting us to new ways of thinking, being, and living.

This is why Deepavali is followed by the New Year which symbolises a new world order where – peace is the religion, love is the language, truth is in action and happiness is a way of life.

May the supreme light illuminate your minds, enlighten your hearts, and strengthen the human bonds in your homes and communities.

‘समय‘ न लगाओ तय करने में,

आपको क्या करना है.

वरना ‘समय‘ तय कर लेगा कि,

 आपका क्या करना है...

Always be happy and spread happiness!!!!!
Make a good day