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Right from the time of birth or even before birth, women are vulnerable and the probability of them becoming a victim of a crime sustains exponentially. The Crimes include murders, rapes and infanticide at various stages of her life ranging from school going age (Pre-Teen), adolescence and even exploitation at her workplace during her adult years which often results in a lifelong trauma and suicide. In Ancient times women held a high level of status in the society but later on because of social, economic and political reforms women lost their status. Many evil customs and traditions started incubating which prevails even today, thus resulted in a state of slavery like status for the women, binding them with various religious and social litigations.
There is a huge gap between Men & Women which can be seen in some critical areas like economic participation, economic opportunities, education, health care, political empowerment, etc. Women face adverse conditions where they’re left to suffer and endure quietly. Even when she raises her voice it is often silenced or suppressed by the patriarchal society. In most of the situations, women don’t even realise that she’s not bound to suffer because of the lack of empowerment. Most women don’t even know the solutions to the problems levied upon her or the remedies to the ill treatment.
This condition of women in a Rapidly growing country like India is really heart breaking to say the least. In an era where Women are rapidly dominating men in every aspects in the Western Countries, it’s sad to see their status in our country.

Some of the Major Physical & Mental Ailments on Women

  1. Cruelty after Marriage: After marriage or even before, any sort of pressurization by family or society brings a very harsh mental ailment to her. Post marital conducts which include physical or mental abuse whether it’s verbal or domestic violence corners women into a very vulnerable mental state which even leads to suicide or permanent mental damage.
  2. Obscenity and Pornography: Pornography is the portrayal of women in an erotic or sexually demeaning way by various Websites, Movies, Magazines or other sources. This is the direct influence of the western media which adversely affects the Indian Mentality, which is very patriarchal and oppressing. Pornography brings about a very disturbing set of thoughts in the youth which motivates crimes like Rape, recording Nude Video and Leaking it online or others which brings about a very huge change in the social status of women in the country.
  3. Rape: Rape is the most heinous crime anyone can do to a woman or anyone of any sex. Although the female gender is the one which is taking the worst hit. The amount of rape cases in India is
    growing exponentially every passing year. Cases like the Nirbhaya case or the Hyderabad Gang Rape Case of 2019 is brutality to the peak. It deeply affects women of any background bringing about a sense of Insecurity and Vulnerability in women. It is so sad to see that in a country like India, a girl feels insecure to walk the streets alone even in broad daylight.
  4. Domestic Violence: Arguably the most common crime in India is Domestic Violence. Whether its from parents, Abusive Relationships or post marital Violence, women of all ages are vulnerable to domestic violence at some point. The most important reason being a controlling / dominating relationship. Women are subjected to violence for petty reasons like “Not Cooking, Not informing before leaving to some place, not doing household chores or others.”
  5. Sexual Harassment: Sexual Harassment is when one person subjects another to an act which is likely to cause awkwardness or embarrassment such as grabbing, physical intimacy or touching in an inappropriate manner without the consent of the other. Sadly, it is very common in the country. Arguably every woman in some stage of her life has been a victim of sexual abuse whether its physical, verbal or just eve teasing.
  6. Acid Attack: It is a form of violent assault by throwing a corrosive substance which results in burning, damaging face and skin, basically destroying her body. It is often performed for the purpose of destroying the life of the person. It is often found that the reason is often rejection of some sort or the other.

Main Causes for the Increase in Crime Against Women

  • Lack of Proper Parenting and Teaching Moral Values: The western influence on the youth of our country is pretty heavy. They call it “The Modern Mindset.” What exactly is a Modern Mindset? Wearing expensive clothes or showing off expensive assets? It’s a pretty wide subject and can be discussed solely on it’s own but to give a zest, people often take on the modern mindset but criticize women for their clothing. Isn’t it hypocritical? These sets of moral values and ethics should be taught by the parents to their children to NOT objectify women on the basis of her clothing and respect her for what she is.
  • Dowry: The custom of dowry is very ancient in India and has been practiced since generations. Traditions like dowry incubate a very patriarchal mindset in the family of the groom if they’re not properly educated morally and ethically. The family of the bride pay Dowry in the form of money or assets to the family of the groom in return for their hand in marriage. Customs like Dowry is evil to say the least. What more do we expect as a reasonable human being? The family offer their daughter who they’ve raised with love and emotions to the family. Any Gift in marriage should be strictly be the will of the bride’s family and not DEMANDED. Anything other than that is DOWRY. The custom of Dowry should be abolished. It is even illegal but still practiced by a lot of Indians.
  • Alcohol Indulgence: One of the most important reason that leads to an increase in crime as a whole is Alcohol Indulgence. Alcohol Oriented Crimes also suffice crime on Women after Alcohol Indulgence. Often men take out their frustration on their respective wives, daughters, sister under the influence of Alcohol. Domestic Violence takes a hike under Alcohol Indulgence. Drunk people lose their senses and there are many cases of rape within family after Alcohol Indulgence. This is sad and unacceptable to say the least.
  • Inefficient Judicial System: Our system of justice is slow, there is delay in process of prosecution. There are many cases which are pending in courts for a long duration. Due to delay in justice people are getting much freedom that they start to think they can do anything and can get away with it. Police must ensure that police stations are welcoming places for complaints but sadly the Judicial System and the Police are very ignorant, insensitive and CORRUPT. There should be appointed Legislators solely dedicated for the purpose of ensuring women safety to ensure wellbeing of women.
  • Inappropriate Representation of Women on Screen: Media has a huge role in portrayal of women inappropriately. Often movies, web series & shows portray women in a Sexually Objectifying manner which affects the mentality of youth. The content broadcasted should be very heavily monitored to ensure proper portrayal of events and women.


During our ancient times women were heavily respected in scriptures and were regarded as goddesses. But now things have changed drastically. There is a desperate need to protect women. In order to improve women safety in India the first task is to improve the number of women in every sphere of society. Along with that the change in mind set of people is very essential for the safety of women. From family to educational institutions men should be taught about respecting females. Further, there should be fast-track courts to hear the cases and the cases should be investigated in a time bound manner. Only strict laws cannot solve the problem of women safety in India rather the implementation of these laws in a time bound manner can solve the issue to a large extent.
There were many schemes and projects being governed by government relating to women’s safety. What we should understand is there should not be a need of huge safety laws for women. We should work on the way to build a nation which is safe for women the way it is for men. We talk about women and men equality, if there were an equality factor, there shouldn’t be a need to bring about laws to control crimes on the female gender. The problem lies within ourselves and once we develop a Morally Sound Mindset, women could grow exponentially. A woman sacrifices her whole life to bring about happiness and wellbeing to her family, directly helps in the growth of the nation by giving birth, providing her a safe place to live in should be the least thing and also a moral responsibility for the nation.

An article by Kanika Aggarwal.

Disclaimer: No content posted by any author, editor or admin represent the approach and purpose of Legal Prudent, Legal Prudent Blog or any of it’s clients or partner brands. Reader’s discretion is advised.

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