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In society, billions are exposed to a wide variety of modes of communications every day. Every community consists of social, economic and religious relationships. Communication is a process of sharing or exchanging of ideas. And MASS MEDIA means a medium of communication that spreads multiple messages and information and spread it over a vast area to a large number of individuals. It includes newspapers, television, and recorded audio. It helps in the accomplishment of justice in cases like The Arushi Talvaar Case, The Nirbhaya Case, and Jessica Lall case. It also exposes a lot of fraudulent people. Media also educates people and helps in rational thinking. Basically, MASS MEDIA helps in widening the horizons of individuals and developing the society. We can now get any
information we want by just clicking on an app. Most of the people get the news through online resources, especially from
media that we call as social media. Media is often referred as the fourth pillar of democracy.

Mass Media & Social Media

As per article 19(1) of constitution, all countries have the right to liberty of speech and expression. Freedom of media is a blessing. DEFAMATION Is generally defined as false publish declaration in order to defame another person.
Defamation can be in any form like writing, picture and also it may also include some kind of gestures. Any Defamatory statement in media depends on the mentality of people, how they perceive it, as a society is governed by different kinds of
mentalities.Thus, it flows from the freedom of speech and expression. Freedom of media is valued in all independent countries.

  • LAW OF OBSCENITY AND MEDIA: It is a kind of mind contamination affecting humanity at large. MEDIA plays a very vital role in videographs related to porn, nudes etc.
    Women and children are adversely affected by obscenity, which somewhere leads to increase in violence against women.
  • Obscenity is also indulging young generations more in teenage pregnancy and premature sex. INDIA is a country where marriage is considered as a sacred and serves the purpose of pure love and affection but obscenity is giving this bond a name of contract and females are treated as mere objects. The rule of decorum and ethics applies to radio and television. The electronic broadcasting, as they are frame media, they have to protect the societal values and follow self-norms.

Role of Media in Politics

Media in politics includes Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Internet has created a channel that helps not only in media but also in election process and negotiation around the world. Also, political values are related to media. The reputation of media is massive for politics at different stages of its doings. The main aim of large equalities is the arrival of media creativities, some people have focused on large extent of mass media
and use influence in political happenings. Example: KISAN AANDOLAN.

Media & Society

Society in 21st century is exposed in television displays and we cannot stop that. The more they see negative things, the more they become negative, juxtaposing, with positive things that lead to inspiration and seems to be more educational. Everyone can easily get aware about what is happening all around the world and crease their growth. Channels which help in learning different languages increase their general knowledge. Television is a part of life for exploring new things. Violence, on the other hand, is one of the effects which results in mental problems and trauma, which sometimes also leads to behaving aggressively.

Media & Students

Students are more prone to variations in attitude and self-control. If someone has uploaded something, its likely to immediately change the mood of other people. The most important thing to do as a student is to study and enjoy but with the impact of social media on the younger generations, students are more concerned about their looks and social media which is now becoming the main reason for anxiety, stress and depression
at younger age nowadays.

Relation Between Traditional Mass Media & Social Mass Media

The relation between traditional media and new media is interdependent. Traditional media has incorporated into new plans. Despite competition from social media, the audiences for traditional media remain forceful. Social media is having the potential to satisfy various roles, they provide extraordinary access to the audience. News can also be seen and shared through media. Social media is affecting public relations and opportunities for various things. Traditional media requires a large buffet because of increase in growth of social media. There are pros and cons of both traditional and social media, no matter what we choose. It totally depends upon personal preferences.


Social media is like a drug. What creates it most addictive is that it is adaptive. Adjustability is based on a person’s preferences and behavior, which makes it more fascinating and addictive.
Any type of information can get attention of the audience whether it is right or wrong. Anyone can now share anything because people are only believing what they are seeing, false information is spreading more than the truth. Also, thanks to online networks that lead to larger social networking, while many people criticize for involvement of large number of People. Although Mass Media
and Social Media both has their pros and cons, their usage should have a discretion based usage. People should be aware and educated about the positive and negative aspects of Media and then decide to share whatever Political, Socialogical or Fact that they want to share. Media is a very important tool and a basic democratic right of any human of any country. And therefore it should be used with most carefulness and intellect.

Disclaimer: No content posted by any author, editor or admin represent the approach and purpose of Legal Prudent, Legal Prudent Blog or any of it’s clients or partner brands. Reader’s discretion is advised.

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