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Adolescence is a time of transition between childhood and adulthood. Adolescents experience many changes (physical, mental, personality and social development). Adolescence begins with the onset of puberty.
An adolescent’s thinking is higher than that of children but way immature than that of an adult. Children can think logically about concrete issues, nowadays. Young people go beyond these limits and can think of what can be true, rather than just what is true. They are able to deal with releases, explore ideas and see unlimited possibilities. However, young people are still prone to misbehavior.
Young people are also developing socially and emotionally during this time. The most important task of adolescence is to find out who you are. (This is usually a lifelong journey, introduced at a young age.) And curiosity comes with the struggle for freedom. The transition of a teenager to a full grown youth is a very fragile and vulnerable process.
Youths are considered as an integral part of our nation. The role of the youth of the nation is to innovate new
skills and experience in an energizing manner. Growing up to adulthood means new challenges and new experiences. Education and Success are the most important factors which are Necessary for any adolescent. Due to lack of positivity, they are facing a lot of challenges and negativities which leads to depression and suicide. Positive mind induces a good human character, confidence, compassion, strength and diligence which further creates a good society.
And any negative vibe can influence youth towards a wrong path, more than what a positive vibe would. The most crucial and undermining thoughts in a young adult’s mind is the feeling of insecurity, the inferiority from others making them feel self-loathed and demotivated. This mindset creates unhealthy struggle & they tend to fail because of this. Due to the negativities that a young adult goes through in his early development years, makes them develop low self-esteem and the feeling of being neglected. Negative influences have a very deep effect on the youth of our Nation.

Factors Impacting an Adolescent

Lack of Proper Support System

Conflicts in families often leads to a negative impact on Primary Development of an adolescent as it is the first primary
source of learning at an early age. A family should make their child grow in every aspect: Physically, Socially, Mentally and Emotionally. Conflicts in family make the children angry and depressed. What the child wants to convey or is going through is often not understood by the family perhaps because of Generation gap or Gap in Communication. This lack of Understanding from both the sides brings about intolerance and chaos in the family. And when this communication gap arises, the children turn to their friends for understanding and sometimes they fall into bad company which adversely affect their own and their family’s lives. Therefore, a proper mode of communication and understanding should be established in the family so that the children don’t feel left out and get indulged in bad company.

Society & Neighborhood

Society plays a huge role in the development of a teenager’s persona. If the neighborhood is filled with negative people, the children often tend to get indulged in the negativity. Also, if the neighborhood is putting a sense of unnecessary competition, the children often get under minded and a sense of insecurity incubates in the very early stages of their lives. If the neighborhood is filled with negative people who often have a violent and aggressive attitude, the children get mingled with them and develop a very
violent attitude. And if the situation intensifies, they tend to become Goon like often indulging in street fights, forming gangs which destroys the career and future of the individual and also adversely affects the society. Therefore, it is very important to ensure a good and healthy society for the children during their early development days and monitor the activities of the child in their teenage days as it is the most vulnerable time of their lives.

Alcohol & Other Substance Abuse

Involvement of teenagers and young adults in various intoxicating substances whether cigarettes, chewable tobacco, alcohol and mostly drugs are becoming a huge red flag in the development of youth in the nation. This problem arises due to heavy portrayal of intoxicating substance in the entertainment industry and the media. Also, peer pressure is one of the key reasons for the youth of the nation getting indulged in various drugs and substance abuses. The solution to the problem is simple. A very descriptive counselling needs to be done by the parents during the adolescence age of their children. Further the disadvantages of using Substances should be shed light on. School and colleges must undergo proper brainstorming of the children advising what’s right and
wrong. Children should be kept as far as possible from intoxicating substances.

Use of Technology

Constant notifications from various social media and likewise demands the time and attention of the youngsters. This distracts the teenagers and the youth from their career-oriented responsibilities. An average youth spends more time in phones and watching unnecessary things than their studies. This has a significant effect on them. Frustration, Depression, Inferiority Complex, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Crime and Mental Problems are some of the factors caused due to excessive use of technology. Today’s youth spend more time and energy Online rather than meeting personally and having a good conversation. Usage of internet and smart devices must be regulated by parents. Children often do not have adequate sense of responsibility therefore parents must ensure the digital wellbeing of their children.

Money & Moral Upbringing

Financial liberty and culture are also important factors for proper mental and emotional growth of an adolescent and it plays a very major role in the social upbringing of a child. The allowance of money must be regulated and proper moral & social values must be enriched upon by the family.


In today’s world, the youth are bashed by various un-necessary criticism. They are often bashed as irresponsible and spoilt by the adults. What they seldom understand is what the root cause is behind this stature of the youth.
Likewise, in Schools and Colleges, there is a huge mental pressure and competition levied by parents and the Institutes. Work done under pressure always creates havoc and no proper success can be achieved by forcing someone to do something. The adults need to understand the mental status of their children, the education institutions need to understand the same and the society needs to stop criticizing un-constructively. In order to make the youth understand what is right and what is not, a sense of understanding should also flow from the adults to the youth. The youth must be exposed to various counselling sessions during their time of vulnerabilities.
The growing need for liberated parenting rises every passing year which in turn demands an independent livelihood for the youth. The future of our country depends on how the youth of the nation is brought up and the nation need responsible young adults. Therefore,
there is a need to conduct proper programs to support the youth so that they can grow and do wonders. Proper development of a child requires
proper parenthood, proper society and proper education. If these three are provided, the country will reach heights that it never did in the past. WE CANNOT ALWAYS BUILD THE FUTURE OF OUR YOUTH BUT WE CAN DEFINATELEY BUILD OUR YOUTH FOR THE FUTURE.

Disclaimer: No content posted by any author, editor or admin represent the approach and purpose of Legal Prudent, Legal Prudent Blog or any of it’s clients or partner brands. Reader’s discretion is advised.

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